About Cabinets by Trivonna

Vision and Mission

Vision: To be the premiere Cabinet Design Studio in the South Sound.
Mission: To “Create Nurturing Environments” for our customers with carefully thought-through designs that are planned around the lifestyle of the family.

Cabinets by Trivonna’s Core Values:

We strive to do the right thing, communicating openly and honestly, exhibiting behaviors consistent with our words. We are accountable for our results.
Respect for Others:
We build strong relationships – with our customers, employees, contractors, business partners, and the community — based on mutual respect and support, valuing each other’s experience and opinions.
Teachable Spirit:
We continue to learn from our contractors, suppliers, customers, business partners, and each other to grow in our skills and resulting products.
Team Player:
While we each have our own responsibilities, our staff works together to support one another in all aspects of life. We are a “family”!

Our Staff:

Trivonna of Cabinets by TrivonnaRoss of Cabinets By Trivonna

Cabinets by Trivonna is a family-owned company, Trivonna being the heart of the company.
Trivonna was born in Texas and raised in Portland, Oregon. Ross was born in New Mexico and was also raised in Portland. They met when Ross was hired to lead worship in the church were Trivonna was the pianist. They were married in December 1970. Over the years, they have lived in Portland and Longview, Washington where Trivonna established a business hanging wallpaper. As wallpaper was fading in popularity in the early 90’s, Ross and Trivonna moved to Klamath Falls, Oregon where Trivonna was recruited and trained to design kitchens. Within three years, she became the top cabinet salesperson in a nine-store chain.
In 2001, Ross and Trivonna moved to Olympia where Trivonna continued her career a Curtis Cabinets and Ross began teaching at Northwest Christian High School. In 2006, they began sensing the Lord leading them to start their own design studio, which opened in January 2007. Ross joined Trivonna full time at the end of the school year, taking on responsibilities for Finance, and Marketing.


Yolanda is a designer with our team. She has resided in multiple cities throughout the Pacific Northwest. Her passion and skills in design have served her well with these moves as she made each house a home through remodel/renovation projects. With the help of a contractor friend she recently installed her own kitchen and gained knowledge that helps her in designing kitchens for others. She loves people and colors and enjoys giving her personal attention in creating kitchens from traditional to contemporary designs. She is pleased to be able to share her analytical and creative skills to help others with the design of their homes. In her spare time, she loves being outdoors with her husband and enjoys hiking, skiing, biking, and gardening.

Don is a Pacific Northwest native who started at Cabinets by Trivonna in July of 2017. Originally from Longview, Washington, Don served in the U.S. Army for 10 years before being medically retired and settling in the Olympia area. He is currently pursuing a college degree in Computer Aided Drafting and Design. He enjoys spending his free time with his wonderful wife and five daughters experiencing life and enjoying all it has to offer.

Visit Our Showroom

Our showroom offers you the space to see our custom cabinet displays in perspective, so you can stand back and envision how our products would look in your space. Visit us in Lacey, Washington, for custom kitchen cabinets, entertainment centers, and any place else you want cabinets.

The Design Process

Often people are hesitant to remodel because of the many unknowns regarding how to proceed.

  • Gather a folder of ideas (Magazine pictures, etc), a diagram or blueprints of your ideal kitchen, bathroom, office, etc. and define your budget.
  • Call (360-539-5057), to make an appointment with one of our designers to discuss your current kitchen (bath, Utility, home office, etc.) and your future vision.
  • We will do a preliminary design or two.
  • Once you are convinced that we can help you turn your dream into reality within your budget, we will do as many design ideas and revisions as necessary to fulfill your vision.
  • We’re not through yet! After your cabinets arrive, we’re still here for you: Questions will arise. We will respond and take care of them as quickly as humanly possible.
  • Finally, when your friends ooh and ah at your custom cabinetry, tell them about… Cabinets by Trivonna

A Brief History of Cabinets by Trivonna

Trivonna has been designing and selling kitchens (ETC) since 1995. In January of 2001, we moved to Olympia when she was hired by Curtis Cabinets. In 2006, we sensed the Lord leading us to start our own family-owned design studio. Cabinets by Trivonna opened January 2, 2007. Ross joined Trivonna full time the following June.

Cabinets by Trivonna started strong because Trivonna was well known and liked within the community and because two quality contractors followed Trivonna to our new business. We weathered the housing crash and resulting “Great Recession” without incurring additional debt.

Over the last twenty-two years, Trivonna developed her own design process. She describes it as follows:

    Designing a kitchen involves three factors: Appearance, Budget, and Function:

  • When a customer comes into our showroom, they have an idea about how they want their new kitchen to look, but they often see in our showroom other looks they didn’t know were available.
  • They usually come with a budget in mind. When we know their budget, we strive to show them products that will fit their budget. We have a wide range of price points to fit the budget.
  • Most customers either haven’t given much thought about function, or they have no idea what can be done to make the kitchen function best for them. This is where I stand apart from many designers: In order to design for Function, we must get to know the customer and how they use their kitchen. We ask questions like: How large is your family? How many cooks in the family? Is he or she a gourmet cook, ‘a get the meal on the table and get out cook’, or somewhere in-between? Are children in the kitchen while you are cooking? What do you dislike about your current kitchen? And the list goes on.

“As the recession eased, we began to grow by hiring and training designers in Trivonna’s design process. We have also hired an administrative assistant, who has developed into our Office Manager.”