How to Start

Often people are hesitant to remodel because of the many unknowns regarding how to proceed.

Here is a brief outline of the typical design process:

  • Gather a folder of ideas (pictures, etc), and a simple drawing with measurements, or blue prints of your kitchen, bath, office, etc., and define your budget.
  • Call (360-539-5057) to make an appointment to discuss your project including your current kitchen (etc.) and your vision for what it is to become. This appointment will include:
    • A consultation with one of our designers.
    • Design perspectives: The designer will do one or two design ideas.
    • Estimated cost
  • If you wish to proceed, we will ask for a design retainer for which we will provide:
    • Jobsite measurement
    • Refining the design until you are satisfied.
    • Final Quote
    • Talk with installer as needed.
  • This non-refundable retainer is based on the scope of your project, and will be applied to the cost of your cabinets when you place an order.
  • When the design meets all your expectations, and you are ready to order, we require 80% down on ordering and the balance before delivery.
  • We’re not through yet! After your cabinets arrive, we’re still here for you: Questions will arise. We will respond and take care of them as quickly as humanly possible.
  • Finally, when your friends ooh and ahhhh, tell them about…