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  1. I am looking for stackable modular clothes storage. Approximate size 2′ high, 2′ deep and 4′ long. With an adjustable shelf. Door is hinged at the top and slides into unit. I Want 4 units and 2′ high removable legs for 2 units. Would like them made of plywood with a nice veneer. How much would that cost me?
    Thanks, Bud

    • Hi Bud,
      You will need to come into our showroom and meet with one of our designers to get a price. Call 360-539-5057 to set an appointment, or stop by 4444 Lacey Blvd #G, Lacey, WA 98503.

      Cabinets by Trivonna

    • “No, we do not build the cabinets we sell. (Be thankful: If I built a cabinet, no one would be pleased.) HOWEVER, both our manufactures will modify to fit your space.
      Dewils will modify with some restrictions. Bellmont will, at no additional charge, modify to a quarter of an inch in any direction. We only design with fillers for decorative or functional reasons. To see examples: Look at the Rudd job on our projects tab to see decorative fillers (both sides of prep sink towards the left in the picture). For functional fillers, look at the Dorcy job on our projects page. Notice in the far corner, near the knife block: The fillers are there so that the drawers will open properly.
      By the way, in the interest of maximizing usable space, both Bellmont and Dewils make “European style” cabinets that ad about 1 1/2 inches to the interior of every drawer. I invite you to come by our showroom so I can show you what I mean.
      Ross Irwin, Co-owner of Cabinets by Trivonna”

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