Kitchen Cabinets custom design Lacey, WA after remodel

Irwin Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

Kitchen Cabinets Custom DesignKitchen Cabinets Custom Design

Here is a beautiful view of Trivonna’s own kitchen!

The 3X9 island gives plenty of seating and countertop space for prepping food. Both Ross and Trivonna can comfortably eat and work seating at the island. The Island is full of drawers for storing dishes, silverware, pans, cooking tools, and food.

Kitchen Cabinets Custom DesignKitchen Cabinets after remodel

The “appliance garage”, underneath the microwave, seamlessly conceals a KitchenAid and other small appliances. As you can see, there are plenty of drawers on each side. Trivonna’s ceramic rooster (one of her rich collection :-)) oversees the preparation of the meals.


Kitchen Cabinets before remodelKitchen Cabinets before remodel

A dividing wall was eliminated to open the kitchen on the family room and to expand the island. The appliances were rearranged as well to use the space more efficiently.