Kitchen Cabinets custom design Lacey, WA

Boren Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

“We just love our rustic alder Bellmont cabinets. They look and smell beautiful inside and out, and are so well made. We really like the fact they are Washington built cabinets too. We are very thankful to Trivonna for her help in designing our new kitchen, and for her help with our many questions during the entire process. We are so pleased we choose Cabinets by Trivonna, thank you!


Kitchen Cabinets custom design Thurston County, WA

Ditterline Kitchen Remodel

Our consultant, Arianna, did an excellent job of guiding us in our selection of cabinets that fit our budget. She recommended a contractor who also did an excellent job installing the cabinets. Arianna was also extremely responsive to issues and ensured that defects were replaced and that special requests were handled promptly. The under cabinet lighting helps highlight the cabinets, provide task lighting and establish a great mood.

Kitchen Cabinets custom design Olympia, WA

Parks Kitchen Cabinet Project

For the last several years I have worked with Cabinets by Trivonna on many remodeling projects. My customers are always delighted with the cabinet options available at their showroom and the cabinet layout savvy of the professional designers they employ. If you would like your next cabinet purchase to go smoothly be sure to call Cabinets by Trivonna.

Kitchen Cabinets custom design Olympia, WA

Chun Kitchen Cabinets

I just wanted to express my gratitude for the wonderful job done by Arianna and the amazing staff at Cabinets by Trivonna! I know how daunting the process of building/remodeling can be, so it is very refreshing to have a local company that takes the time to go over the finest of details, so that I may have the “perfect” spaces in my home. I truly enjoyed the process from beginning to end. By the way…love my kitchen!!

Garage Cabinets custom design Olympia, WA

Lankford Garage Project

Arianna, thanks for all of your work in designing our garage cabinets. They are just what we envisioned when we set out to remodel our garage. Harder construction did a fantastic job installing both them and the counter tops. Joan posted the pictures on Facebook and we have received a multitude of written compliments and “likes”. Thanks also to your boss (Ross) for taking the time to come out and take pictures to document the work.


Kitchen Cabinets custom design Lacey, WA

Segall Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

After meeting with Yolanda from Cabinets by Trivonna, we knew that we could not go wrong putting our kitchen in their hands. Yolanda was fun and knowledgeable about designing a kitchen, she took care of everything from measuring, to designing, revising and ordering. During the whole process, she was available whenever I had a concern or question. Everything arrived as promised and on time.
The kitchen came out just as we wanted and looks great. I want to thank Cabinets by Trivonna for all the help. We will do business with them again if the need arises.

Thank you,
Avery & Gabriele Stegall

Kitchen Cabinets custom design Lacey, WA

Gillespie Kitchen Cabinet

This was our first remodeling project, and hiring Cabinets by Trivonna was the best decision. In addition to designing and managing our project, Trivonna helped us find the best contractor, Aschenbrenner Construction. We hope to get the band back together early next year for our Master Bath renovation.

Kitchen Cabinets custom design Olympia, WA

Hicks Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

Cabinets by Trivonna was recommended to us by our contractor, Home Resource, and we are so glad we took their advice.
Arianna was delightful to work with and was extremely helpful and knowledgable throughout our project. Her attention to style and detail were greatly appreciated. Trivonna also gave us excellent design guidance at a point when we were a bit stumped!

Our kitchen, laundry, and living space cabinets are high quality, lovely and functional. We would recommend Cabinets by Trivonna in a heartbeat!

Dottie Hicks

McIntosh Remodel

This summer we had the pleasure of working with Arianna from Cabinets by Trivonna. Arianna was very skilled at sharing the many options that were available to us as we imagined what a new kitchen would look like. Additionally, she was a great resource for knowing where to purchase flooring, and she also connected us with an excellent contractor, John Prentice Jr. The remodel included the removal of a few walls, and the installation of some new windows and doors, new siding, and a new roof, as well as a completely new kitchen!

I absolutely love my kitchen and would highly recommend Cabinets by Trivonna for their superb service and beautiful cabinets as well as, John Prentice Jr.’s top-notch workmanship.

Tricia McIntosh

Kitchen Cabinets custom design Olympia, WA

Crofts Kitchen Remodel

This was our first real remodeling project and we were nervous about getting things coordinated and keeping the budget reigned in. Arianna was great with giving us options and helping to coordinate selections that worked for our space. Ross introduced the idea of lighting and demonstrated different options. At first I was skeptical, but we are so glad we decided to do it – made a large impact with not much spent. Arianna kept me on track throughout the project with dates and deadlines, which I really needed with our busy schedules. We love our new kitchen!



Kitchen Cabinets custom design Olympia, WA

Hier Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets by Trivonna did a wonderful job on all the cabinets in our new home. After hearing good reports from family members who had also worked with Trivonna, we decided to work with them. It was great to have Trivonna’s design services on board, she worked to make sure we were happy with the design and brought helpful solutions to us. For us, it was the design aspect Trivonna offers that set them apart from other competitors. When it came time for installation, they followed through and helped work out a few little hiccups that happened along the way. The kitchen came out even better than we imagined. It is such a nice space to be in, and we enjoy looking at it everyday. We are very satisfied with all the work Cabinets by Trivonna did for us.

Thank you, Olivia Hier

Kitchen Cabinets custom design Olympia, WA after Remodel

Arbuckle Kitchen Remodel

Cabinets by Trivonna was recommended to us by two contractors. Trivonna was the fourth person to come and look at our small dysfunctional kitchen. The others seemed a little stymied by how to design a kitchen that used the space to maximum effect and stay in our budget. After looking around and listening to what we wanted, I saw the light come on in Trivonna’s face and a week later we had the design that met all of our criteria, and on budget. We were so impressed we decided to have them do our bathroom too. Cabinets by Trivonna was easy to work with, professional and knowledgeable. The cabinets are beautiful and of high quality. We highly recommend Cabinets by Trivonna.

Horton Kitchen Cabinets

When we began our project, our builder, Barry Jespersen – Oyster Bay Construction, referred us to Trivonna and that was the start of a nice little journey for us.

We had our architectural drawings and some general concepts about what we wanted our kitchen to be and how we wanted it to function. However, such a big undertaking was a bit beyond our day-to-day experiences. Trivonna’s advice, guidance, and gentle herding got us to where we needed to go.

As we got smarter about what we doing, she exhibited great flexibility in helping us pick cabinets, colors, facing materials, arrangements, and profiles, etc. In addition to the kitchen, Trivonna also did the cabinets for the living/great room and all the bathrooms.

Today we have what we think is a really attractive comfortable and functional area to eat, entertain and cheer for the Seahawks!

Incidentally, we are now working with Trivonna on a cabinet design for the master bedroom closet!

In summary, we would not hesitate to do it all again.

Jim & Joyce Horton

Kitchen Cabinets custom design Olympia, WA

Taylor Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

We worked primarily with Cabinets by Trivonna on a redesign of our kitchen, and are thrilled with the results. They listened to our ideas and presented a first draft of a new floor plan. Seeing the layout on paper helped us to refine our ideas, and after going back and forth several times, we settled on the final design. Trivonna suggested cabinet styles and materials, and everyone (including Arianna) helped with the details, including the selection of handles and knobs. Our collaboration resulted in a design that suits our lifestyle and feels like us.

Kitchen Cabinets custom design Auburn, WA

Stougard Kitchen Cabinets Remodel

We knew from our first visit to Trivanna’s that we would be more than pleased to have her design our kitchen. We were not disappointed. I couldn’t imagine our kitchen would look so beautiful. Trivanna’s design suggestions were spot on. The functionality of the space has improved dramatically. I love spending time in the new space. Trivanna is a pleasure to work with.

Ness Kitchen Cabinets

“Our transactions with both Trivonna and Arianna was very enjoyable.  They were most helpful in selecting the product.  We wound up ordering cabinets with a discontinued finish, but Arianna worked with the manufacturer and we were able to get the finish we wanted.  

 “The cabinets are now installed and we are all moved in.  We are enjoying the quality of the product.

 “I would recommend anyone building a new home or remodeling an older one that they would get great and friendly service by working with Cabinets by Trivonna!  In fact, we live many miles from Lacey, but when we are in the area, we hope to stop by just to say “hello”, because I feel like they are friends!”

Clara Ann Ness

Kitchen Cabinets custom design Olympia, WA

Horback Kitchen Remodel

Arianna worked with us to design the kitchen remodel we were dreaming of… She was expert & knowledgeable to suggest the right materials to fit our budget while being bold enough to imagine a creative culinary space. Attention to detail with personal care-

Kitchen Cabinets custom design Lacey, WA

Thompson Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

I want to say how happy I am with my kitchen remodel! My first exposure to Cabinets by Trivonna was at the St. Martins Home Show where I saw pictures of how a small outdated kitchen was transformed into something modern. This is what I wanted and what I received! You were so helpful and never giving up on finding solutions that you knew would make me happy. I am also pleased with the contractor that you recommended. John was helpful with design ideas and his attention to detail was much appreciated. It was a challenge to find a solution for the microwave to not be on the counter (could not place at a reasonable height over the gas stove) and the transformation of my pantry area into the appliance garage was just what I was looking for. Choosing my cabinets was the easiest part, I fell in love on site in your showroom. I am so glad I installed the under cabinet lights, they are fantastic and make a great evening light!

Debbie Thompson

Kitchen Cabinets custom design Thurston County, WA

Carlson Kitchen Cabinet Project

Dear Trivonna and Ross,

It is difficult to find the words that convey how deeply we appreciate all you have done to create this amazingly beautiful space in our lives. It thrills us each and every day. The functionality, the flow and the mesh with our family have been perfectly translated. I knew from the beginning that it would be difficult to find someone who could work with both the quirkiness of our space and all my vague/ random ideas and put together a workable design.

At our second meeting, you not only presented us with a layout and design that perfectly reflected what had only been in our imagination but you had enhanced it in both the tiniest of details as well as significant observations and suggestions to give it cohesiveness. Our little chat bar; the cabinet doors above on either side of the stove that lift up (I so love them); where to use glass and where not to include it; utilizing the space under the stairwell that puts the microwave visually out of the way and added so much more storage; the pantry wall; the logic of the flow of the visual transition from the front door into the kitchen or the very different feel from the dining area with the china/glass cabinetry into the kitchen; the lighted cabinets at night that are stunning. And most important to me, our friends idea of the window glass cabinet. It is stunning at night.

For any new clients, I would like them to know that this is a company who is timely. They will be there when you need them (not days later). They are knowledgeable about the products on the market that will enhance and be best for your specific plan. This is a design group that listens to you and designs for you rather than tries to fit you into one of a few basic designs that are quick and easy for them. The installer, John Prentice, who Trivonna recommended, was amazing and a genius at whispering old house issues into compliance. Trivonna and her associates are there before, during and after your construction. They will be your advocate when there is confusion. And when there is a remodel, there will be confusion!

Trivonna, you had the most lovely, respectful way of suggesting when I might want to reconsider a thought on the kitchen and now that we have lived in it, you were right on all counts!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Kitchen Cabinets custom design Tacoma, WA

Church Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

The complete staff at Cabinets by Trivonna, provided us excellent service, creative ideas, and tremendous help in creating a beautiful kitchen. No questions were left unanswered no matter how trivial. They were tremendously knowledgable in the creation and design of our new and very functional kitchen; and went out of their way to make sure everything was just right, fit precisely, and was delivered on time. We definitely will continue to use Cabinets by Trivonna for future cabinets and design issues.

Jim and Sandy

Master Bath Vanity Cabinets Olympia, WA

Meredith Vanity Project

My contractor sent me to Cabinets by Trivonna to pick out a new vanity for my master bathroom. I worked with Arianna who showed me several options for the style of cabinet I was interested in and worked with me to finalize the design and hardware. I had a vision of what I wanted for the space and was not disappointed with the choices we made. She was very helpful with color and hardware choices and made me feel like I was making all of the best decisions from the beginning to end of the project.

I am extremely happy with the results and would certainly recommend and use this company for any future projects.

Thank you,
Pam Meredith

Kitchen Cabinets Custom Design Olympia, WA

Furth Kitchen Remodel

Trivonna was able to take our “vision” and make it a reality! The guidance that the team at Cabinets by Trivonna in terms of budget, design, contractor recommendation and cabinet choices were on point to integrate what was once separate small dark rooms connected by a central kitchen in our mid-century modern home that didn’t serve our life style.

The “new space” has been transformed into an open, light, graceful and super-functional kitchen/pantry/utility/ family and living rooms that flow so well into one another and truly complement the Eichler style of our home.
Perhaps best of all, throughout the renovation Trivonna and her team were always available to answer questions, listen to our ideas and make changes when needed that created a terrific working relationship.

Kitchen Cabinets Custom Design Thurston county, WA

Gerst Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

What we liked best about working with Trivonna was that she was so flexible. She listened to what we needed, made suggestions and then backed off while we made our own decision. She is very easy to work with, has vast knowledge, and is very professional. I “clicked” with her immediately upon meeting her.

Her showroom is great because you can see examples of how various cabinet choices look. She has a huge variety and we liked that she uses local builders. She also has many examples of countertops & has handles to also see. The contractor she recommended was also very easy to work with and did a fabulous job.

We are very happy with the final product. She was recommended by many of our friends and we will also be recommending Trivonna. The one little glitch with a measurement was remedied and she special ordered a cabinet and picked it up so our project wasn’t held up.


Kitchen Cabinets custom design Olympia, WA

Wilhelmi Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

Trivonna is incredibly good at space designing and she pays attention to every detail. She thought of things I never would have considered. She was on site during the construction, making sure there were no problems and that everything was being installed properly.

I will be using Trivonna’s services in the future for design of the master and guest bathrooms and cabinets for the living room. You can count on Trivonna taking good care of your project.


Debra Wilhelmi

Kitchen Cabinet Custom Design Lacey, WA

Verdi Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

‘Cabinets by Trivonna’ is a business that many local, independent contractors recommend to their clients so I gave them a try.

I have been impressed with the quality of construction of our cabinets and am pleased with the added features Trivonna suggested and included in our design. Cooking and other kitchen tasks have now become far more enjoyable!  We also love to see the look on folks’ faces when they see the dramatic transformation that has taken place in our kitchen area!

Trivonna recommended a couple of contractors. We chose Bob Clark aka “Homely Bob” of  Home Resource Co..  He and his crew and “subs” did an excellent job working with us and keeping the project moving forward.  They met all the challenges we faced with calm competence and worked very well with the staff at Cabinets by Trivonna.  Together, they worked to transform a dated, dark, cramped kitchen into a gloriously open and inviting showpiece.



Anderson Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

Anderson Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

“I never really enjoyed being in the kitchen. I always thought I didn’t like cooking. I’m beginning to think it was my kitchen I didn’t enjoy! Now, in my new kitchen, I’ve been pulling out cookbooks I haven’t touched in years just to see what kind of recipes I might want to cook up.” – Lynette Anderson


Kitchen Cabinets Custom Design

Bryenton Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

“I had the good fortune to meet Ross Irwin, and his lovely wife Trivonna, during the course of business last year, I would see Ross at nearly every network meeting I attended. He is a charmer and the crowds love him. They even help chant his tag line.

It wasn’t until this year that I had to opportunity to see what a genius Trivonna is in designing a kitchen to function beyond our expectations. Our house plan had, what we thought, was an adequate and functional layout. By once Trivonna got her ruler on it, the changes she suggested were astonishing. Simple, but so much more effective. Even our designer was very pleased with the new layout.

The Irwins are a delightful team and I highly recommend that you allow them to review and make suggestions for your remodel or new construction. Price, quality, service, integrity….they are all there.”

Thane Bryenton

Kitchen Cabinet Custom Design Oylmpia, WA

Medrud Kitchen Cabinets

The renovation of our kitchen was long overdue. We lived in our house for nine years before we were ready financially to move forward and begin exploring a large project. We had ideas about our kitchen, but they tended to be more of a list of rants about its deplorable condition and lack of functionality rather than concrete ideas about what we wanted. We knew what we liked aesthetically, but we had no idea whatsoever how to make those vague concepts and preferences into a functioning kitchen.

We were drawn to Cabinets by Trivonna because they are the DeWils cabinet retailer for our area. DeWils is a brand that we were familiar with and had hoped to use. We hesitantly entered their showroom and introduced ourselves. We were immediately welcomed and made to feel at ease about the remodeling process. After our first appointment, we knew that the project was going to go smoothly. It was a relief to have the team help us get this project on its way.

The best thing about working with Trivonna and Arianna is that they really took the time to understand us as a family and listened to what we needed for our kitchen and our lifestyle. They heard our frustrations, ideas, likes, dislikes, budget, and went from there to design a space that suits us perfectly. Every aspect of our space was measured, photographed and designed with us and our wishes in mind. They knew that functionality and storage was crucial to us but that we wanted a warm, welcoming space too that reflected our personal tastes and did not break the bank.

What we ended up with is a kitchen that is amazingly beautiful and functional. We NEVER could have come up with the idea or design our own. Every inch of space is utilized completely and all the tools and appliances that were buried before are now put away neatly but are at our fingertips when we need them. Each family member is able to be in the kitchen simultaneously without bumping or tripping over each other. One unexpected benefit to our new space is the ease in which our daily routine now has. It truly has improved the quality of life for all of us. It’s a delight to have our kitchen be magazine photo worthy, but the best part is how it now brings us together as a family. Thanks Trivonna and Arianna!

Kitchen Cabinets after remodel Olympia, WA

Maki Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

“Trivonna was wonderful to work with. I spent months trying to decide on a style and color for my new cabinets. Trivonna was so patient as I changed my mind repeatedly. The design created by Trivonna is beautiful. There were a few instances where she made a suggestion on layout but I chose something different. I can now see I should have done what she suggested! When the cabinets were installed, she came to be sure everything was exactly right. She replaced two doors and a drawer front even though I couldn’t see a problem with them. She made sure it was all perfect. I highly recommend Trivonna and Bellmont Cabinets.”
Laura Maki

Kitchen Cabinets Custom Design Thurston County, WA

Lane French Construction

I have worked with Trivonna for many years on projects ranging from remodels to custom homes.  She is a true genius at cabinet design and always the consummate professional.  I know when I bring a client to Cabinets by Trivonna they will be well taken care of and understand every step of cabinet design and associated options.  Following every design I go to Trivonna to discuss project details and the mechanics of installation.  I’m always satisfied that she has thoroughly wrapped her head around the whole cabinet design and installation process.

The Jacobs Project was massive and quite intricate.  Trivonna worked with the client and Interior Designer, Diane Gassman, to complete this kosher kitchen design. The cabinets went together as planned.  They are beautiful and everyone is happy.

Lane French

Lane French Construction

Kitchen Cabinets after remodel Olympia, WA

Cooper Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

Our experience with Cabinets by Trivonna was a positive one. The pressure was off when Trivonna started our kitchen. From the cabinetry to the design and installation, she and Arianna had the project under control every step of the way.

We love our new kitchen and are confident that if we need anything in the future, Trivonna will be there!

The Coopers

Kitchen Cabinet Custom Design Oylmpia, WA

Hill Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

We highly recommend Cabinets by Trivonna to anyone who values quality services with integrity! It was a pleasure working with Trivonna and her staff.

Trivonna designed three rooms for us. She provided layouts to choose from and she gave excellent advice as to how each layout would function. Trivonna was very creative in her designs. We were amazed at the amount of storage we have and the placement of the cabinets makes everything accessible.

Trivonna was very helpful in the selection of cabinetry that is beautiful and was within our budget. An added benefit is that the cabinets we chose are made locally.

Thank you Trivonna! We’re so glad we found you!

The Hills,
Olymipa, Wa.

Kitchen Cabinets after remodel Dupont, WA

Huth Kitchen Cabinets

When we finally decided to pull the trigger on our kitchen remodel we didn’t know where to start. So we contacted Cabinets by Trivonna and asked for a consult. Trivonna came out the next day and helped us start designing our future kitchen. We gave her some of our ideas, showed her some pictures and she worked with us to create a few different sketch ups with a few different price tags and different layouts. We also hired out for the actual cabinet installation. Trivonna was able to recommend an outstanding contractor who we also hired for a different project. If you’re looking for a cabinet designer in the Tacoma, Lacy, Olympia, Dupont area- I can’t recommend Trivonna and her team enough. This is not a sponsored post, we were just really happy using Trivonna. If we live in this house long enough we would definitely use her again for other cabinet remodels!
Dorris Huth

Weinandt Kitchen Cabinets

Weinandt Kitchen Cabinets

From initial contact, through project end & beyond, Trivonna had my needs first in her mind. The outcome was a beautiful, functional kitchen! There isn’t a thing that I don’t love about my new kitchen!
Elizabeth Weinandt

Kitchen Cabinets Custom Design Thurston County WA

Child Kitchen Cabinets

Trivonna was great to work with. We had been working with another supplier but were so disappointed in them – though they were recommended by our GC – that we started looking elsewhere. Once we met with Trivonna at her shop – it was a no brainer for us. She was so pleasant and helpful with the design work and the ins and outs of kitchen cabinets.
The cabinets arrived as scheduled and we love our new kitchen. It seems that our GC is recommending Cabinets by Trivonna to his clients now as well. A win/win in my book!

Kitchen Cabinets after remodel Olympia, WA

Carman Kitchen Remodel

By far, Cabinets by Trivonna, is a wonderful place to start that kitchen or bath remodel.
The staff, Trivonna, Ross, and an up and coming new designer, Arianna, are attentive, thoughtful, and engaging.
Most importantly they are able to picture in their minds eye the project at completion and convey that picture to the client.
I am very pleased with the results. From start to finish, and then some, Cabinets by Trivonna and especially Arianna has been a joy to work with.

Barkis Kitchen Cabinets

Barkis Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

Working with Cabinets by Trivonna was a fantastic experience. I have had the pleasure of getting to know Ross and Trivonna over the last several years. After years of referring with confidence to their company, My wife and I had the opportunity to employee their services on our kitchen. Trivonna’s expertise shown through with her input and incredible design. This matched up with exceptional cabinets turned into a phenomenal new kitchen. We can’t thank them enough and have the pleasure of seeing and experiencing their work everyday. I highly recommend Cabinets by Trivonna.

Andrew and Lisa Barkis

Kitchen Cabinets after remodel Lacey, WA

Gunnarson Kitchen Remodel

Looking towards retiring in the Olympia area, we recently purchased a home and wanted to update our kitchen. We worked with Trivonna on the purchase of cabinets and countertop for the kitchen. What a wonderful experience – Trivonna was so helpful and knowledgeable, which made our purchase stress- and pain-free. We currently live in Alaska and remodeling a kitchen long-distance can be challenging. But Trivonna kept us informed every step of the way, and eased the anxiety one might expect for a kitchen make-over.Our general contractor, Happy Home Construction, and his crew – JTS Contracting and TNT Electrical – were wonderful as well, and performed an outstanding job.We couldn’t be happier with our new kitchen! Thanks, Trivonna! We can’t wait to move to Olympia and enjoy our kitchen! Gregg and Joan Gunnarson

Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Wood Kitchen Cabinet

We researched many different designers and kitchen remodel businesses, including various home shows, before choosing Cabinets by Trivonna to design our major kitchen remodel. Trivonna came up with the very best design to utilize the optimum space that was available for this remodel. Her design was modern and perfect for our needs. She offered her guidance every step of the way and offered information on contacts for products we would need and contractors we could use. We chose John Prentice as our contractor and with Trivonna’s design we now have a beautiful kitchen. We highly recommend Cabinets By Trivonna – Caramel Wood


White Kitchen Cabinets

“I love my new kitchen, as does everyone else who has visited! I knew what I wanted (and didn’t want) for a kitchen, but didn’t have any idea if or how anything would work. Trivonna came in, measured, listened to my wants and designed for me a beautiful and extremely functional kitchen. It certainly turned into a dream kitchen!” – White

Krug Custom Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

Krug Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

From hosting a large cocktail party for 100, to sit down Christmas family dinner for 20, to everyday meals, snacks, homework and family game nights, my dream French Farmhouse kitchen has certainly lived up to it’s name as “heart of the home”! I could not possibly be happier with my beautiful new kitchen!

Kitchen Cabinets after remodel Thurston County, WA

Wadley Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

The most common comment we get on our new kitchen is WOW! We sincerely appreciated your professional advice and counsel as we went through the extensive remodel. We could not have done it without you. You didn’t just sell us a kitchen, you were a partner and friend throughout the process.

We removed a 25-year-old kitchen down to bare walls and installed your recommended design and products (cabinets, hardware, granite,sink, etc.). The result is a more efficient kitchen, more storage, high quality and stunning beauty.
Dick and Mary Wadley

Vaughn Kitchen Cabinets 2011 Rex Award Winner

Vaughn Kitchen Remodel

“I’d spent months pouring over magazines and had worked with someone to start designing my kitchen but until I starting talking with Trivonna I hadn’t felt the click that truly set me on the path to my dream kitchen. She went through the building blocks of the many choices available to me: style, function, finish. I was happy to be able to order my cherry cabinets from a local company.
Trivonna worked with me in defining my countertops, sink, and custom table top – Cabinets by Trivonna also hosted an event enabling me to identify a new contractor to do the work. The kitchen I enjoy every day exceeds the vision I had the day I walked into Cabinets by Trivonna for the first time.” – C. Vaughn