Carlson Kitchen Cabinet Project

Dear Trivonna and Ross,

It is difficult to find the words that convey how deeply we appreciate all you have done to create this amazingly beautiful space in our lives. It thrills us each and every day. The functionality, the flow and the mesh with our family have been perfectly translated. I knew from the beginning that it would be difficult to find someone who could work with both the quirkiness of our space and all my vague/ random ideas and put together a workable design.

At our second meeting, you not only presented us with a layout and design that perfectly reflected what had only been in our imagination but you had enhanced it in both the tiniest of details as well as significant observations and suggestions to give it cohesiveness. Our little chat bar; the cabinet doors above on either side of the stove that lift up (I so love them); where to use glass and where not to include it; utilizing the space under the stairwell that puts the microwave visually out of the way and added so much more storage; the pantry wall; the logic of the flow of the visual transition from the front door into the kitchen or the very different feel from the dining area with the china/glass cabinetry into the kitchen; the lighted cabinets at night that are stunning. And most important to me, our friends idea of the window glass cabinet. It is stunning at night.

For any new clients, I would like them to know that this is a company who is timely. They will be there when you need them (not days later). They are knowledgeable about the products on the market that will enhance and be best for your specific plan. This is a design group that listens to you and designs for you rather than tries to fit you into one of a few basic designs that are quick and easy for them. The installer, John Prentice, who Trivonna recommended, was amazing and a genius at whispering old house issues into compliance. Trivonna and her associates are there before, during and after your construction. They will be your advocate when there is confusion. And when there is a remodel, there will be confusion!

Trivonna, you had the most lovely, respectful way of suggesting when I might want to reconsider a thought on the kitchen and now that we have lived in it, you were right on all counts!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.