Horton Kitchen Cabinets

When we began our project, our builder, Barry Jespersen – Oyster Bay Construction, referred us to Trivonna and that was the start of a nice little journey for us.

We had our architectural drawings and some general concepts about what we wanted our kitchen to be and how we wanted it to function. However, such a big undertaking was a bit beyond our day-to-day experiences. Trivonna’s advice, guidance, and gentle herding got us to where we needed to go.

As we got smarter about what we doing, she exhibited great flexibility in helping us pick cabinets, colors, facing materials, arrangements, and profiles, etc. In addition to the kitchen, Trivonna also did the cabinets for the living/great room and all the bathrooms.

Today we have what we think is a really attractive comfortable and functional area to eat, entertain and cheer for the Seahawks!

Incidentally, we are now working with Trivonna on a cabinet design for the master bedroom closet!

In summary, we would not hesitate to do it all again.

Jim & Joyce Horton