Medrud Kitchen Cabinets

The renovation of our kitchen was long overdue. We lived in our house for nine years before we were ready financially to move forward and begin exploring a large project. We had ideas about our kitchen, but they tended to be more of a list of rants about its deplorable condition and lack of functionality rather than concrete ideas about what we wanted. We knew what we liked aesthetically, but we had no idea whatsoever how to make those vague concepts and preferences into a functioning kitchen.

We were drawn to Cabinets by Trivonna because they are the DeWils cabinet retailer for our area. DeWils is a brand that we were familiar with and had hoped to use. We hesitantly entered their showroom and introduced ourselves. We were immediately welcomed and made to feel at ease about the remodeling process. After our first appointment, we knew that the project was going to go smoothly. It was a relief to have the team help us get this project on its way.

The best thing about working with Trivonna and Arianna is that they really took the time to understand us as a family and listened to what we needed for our kitchen and our lifestyle. They heard our frustrations, ideas, likes, dislikes, budget, and went from there to design a space that suits us perfectly. Every aspect of our space was measured, photographed and designed with us and our wishes in mind. They knew that functionality and storage was crucial to us but that we wanted a warm, welcoming space too that reflected our personal tastes and did not break the bank.

What we ended up with is a kitchen that is amazingly beautiful and functional. We NEVER could have come up with the idea or design our own. Every inch of space is utilized completely and all the tools and appliances that were buried before are now put away neatly but are at our fingertips when we need them. Each family member is able to be in the kitchen simultaneously without bumping or tripping over each other. One unexpected benefit to our new space is the ease in which our daily routine now has. It truly has improved the quality of life for all of us. It’s a delight to have our kitchen be magazine photo worthy, but the best part is how it now brings us together as a family. Thanks Trivonna and Arianna!